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International Thank a Youth Worker Day


May 2, 2024 is international Thank a Youth Worker Day.

There are many ways to thank a Youth Worker.  What will YOU DO?

Join CYCCB and the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice in celebrating and honoring the millions of CYCs across the world who nurture and support the billions of young people and families in our care.

For more information and ideas, visit .


Youth Worker is a general term for those individuals who work with or on behalf of children, youth, and families in our community. It is another way to express the idea of CYC (Child and Youth Care Practitioner).  This includes early childhood, home school and public school teachers, afterschool workers, juvenile justice staff and police officers, CASA volunteers, residential care workers, youth pastors, foster parents, disabilities program staff, recreation and sports leaders, child welfare workers, and many others.

Together, they make up the Child and Youth Care Profession, the largest human services workforce with over 6 million members in the United States.