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CYCCB Office
1212 Orr Street
College Station, Texas 77840


iStock 1223889856CYCCB implemented virtually proctored online testing in Summer 2021.  All CYCCB exams are now available virtually. This significantly improves CYC practitioner access to testing and certification worldwide. Testing is now available 24/7 so you can schedule a time that best meets your needs. 

Sign up for testing. The CYCCB Office will contact you to verify payment and send instructions to complete the process. 

The virtual testing program was co-developed by CYCCB working with their partner, Indiana University (IU).  CYCCB Board member and Faculty at IU Bloomington, Dr. Deborah Getz, worked with a team of CYCCB staff and Board members to design, implement, and test the program.  The key question that had to be addressed was “how do you conduct testing without an in-person proctor while assuring that test takers are not taking unfair advantage or copying the exam contents?”  The efficacy of the testing program is based on the idea that test takers are taking the exams fairly.  In the past, no testing was conducted without an in-person proctor in the exam environment.  This has worked well over the 13 years that CYCCB has been conducting certification testing in the US and Canada.  With the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it was clear that another solution was needed.  

If you need additional information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call  at (979) 764-7306.  


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Shelly Currie
Faculty, Child and Youth Care 
Nova Scotia Community College 
Ivany Campus

"The online format is easy to navigate and convenient to use.  I was thrilled to be able to access the exam from my home at a time convenient to my schedule."

Josée Massé
Assistant Director of Emerging Minds

“The new online format was simple to navigate, and ongoing support was available when I needed help!”

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Chrissy Deckers
Faculty, Child and Youth Care
Georgian College

"I appreciated the convenience of the online exam. I thought the process was very straight forward. Setup instructions were easy to follow and I was well supported throughout the process. I really appreciated the opportunity to complete the exam in advance of being able to gather again in light of the pandemic."

Joanne Fraser
Casual Faculty, Child and Youth Care
Nova Scotia Community College
Truro Campus

"Taking the certification exam online was a great experience.  Meeting my proctor, Dr. Getz, for a chat a few days before the exam helped to ease my test taking anxiety. She walked me through setting up the required software and answered any questions I had, and she made sure I had her contact information in case any difficulties arose. Being able to take the exam in the comfort of my own home allowed me to go at my own pace and not compare myself to others who may have taken less time than I did. As a result, I believe I was able to fully concentrate on doing my best without any distractions. I passed with flying colours and overall, it was a very comfortable and enjoyable process! Thank you, Dr. Getz and all involved in bringing the exam to the online environment!"