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6 Month Renewal Amnesty / Price Change

CYCCB and the CYC Certification Institute are combining the three level certification program under the umbrella of CYCCB.  Beginning in 2018, the renewal system offered by the two certification organizations is being revised. Practitioners certified by either organization will have expanded opportunities to participate in and benefit from the certification system.

As the integration of the Entry, Associate, and Professional certification programs is underway, CYCCB and the CYC Certification Institute are offering an amnesty period between March 15 and August 31, 2018.   During this period, practitioners whose certification has not been regularly renewed will be allowed to renew their certificates. Beginning in September 2018, certificates that were not renewed on the two year cycle based on the certificate issue date will be charged an additional $50 late fee to renew.

Notices are being sent to all certified practitioners announcing the amnesty program.  Beginning in 2019, certificates that have lapsed for extensive periods may no longer be renewed.  To renew these certificates practitioners will have to repeat the entire testing and application process to be re-certified.

Other changes are also being made to the CYC certification renewal program in 2018.

  • Renewal Period - Renewal of Entry, Associate, and Professional Level Certifications will be completed on a two-year cycle. Professional Level Certifications will no longer require renewal on a yearly basis.

  • Simplified Renewal - Practitioners who renew their certificates within the renewal period (before the anniversary date of certificate issue) for two cycles (4 years) will be granted permission to complete the renewal process without submitting supporting documentation. These files will be randomly audited. Permission to engage in the simplified renewal program will be granted through an email from the CYCCB Office when two complete cycles have been appropriately completed.

Pricing for testing and application processing is also changing as part of the integration.  Beginning January 15, 2018 the following pricing was implemented:

Entry Level:  Testing $50  Application Processing  $50 Renewal $35

Associate Level:  Testing $75 Application Processing $100   Renewal $35

Professional Level:  Testing $135 Application Processing $150   Renewal $50

Price adjustments have not been made to either certification program since 2009.  The new pricing is based on a recent study of current costs involved in operating a strong certification program.  Some of the revenues will be used to pay Portfolio Assessors, who were previously not paid for their valuable services.  

For more information, explore the information available on the website or contact the CYC Office.  

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