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CYCCB Office
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CYCCB Staff Contributions Celebrated!

Laura Klemm, CYCCB Testing and Renewal Manager, receives 
ACYCP President’s Award

jody laura klemmIn early February, Laura Klemm was presented the 2023 ACYCP President’s Award in a ceremony held in College Station. Jody Rhodes, President of the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice, visited Texas to present the award.

“This year’s award recognizes one of the people whose contribution to the field benefits all of us but is often not recognized for its importance. … The CYCCB office often gets compliments on Laura’s positive attitude and ability to competently answer the myriad questions that people ask when they contact the office for information. We want to take this opportunity to thank Laura for the expertise and dedication she brings to her work and the child and youth care field. She is one of our best assets.” Read entire award nomination.

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Tammy Hopper, CYCCB Board Member, receives ACYCP 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award

jody laura klemm

Tammy L. Hopper began her career working as a high school teacher. One day, she found herself in the office of her supervisor advocating for a young person in her class. While she loved working with her students, it was clear she needed to be involved in more impactful ways. Her supervisor shared his perspective that she should enter the social work field. Tammy went back to college and obtained her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree.

In 1988, Tammy began her lifetime commitment to keeping youth safe. Like many other new MSWs, Tammy hit the ground running – literally running. Tammy would chase kids who were eloping from the shelter down the street. She would spend time with them, she would listen. Through her relationships, she would be the intervention. Years later, she would be met by youth she supported and they would run to her with big open arms for a hug. More times than she could count, she would be told how much of a difference she made in their lives.

Fast forward several years, beyond becoming a licensed clinical social worker, Tammy began working to train other youth service providers as a professionally certified youth care worker. As a professional trainer in numerous areas including grant writing, trauma-informed care, advocacy, youth crisis interventions, runaway and homeless youth, mentoring, creative expression, positive youth development, staff development, strategic planning, and more, Tammy’s contributions to this field are significant.



Frank Eckles Presented with Together We Can Award!! 
from National Safe Place Network

together we can frankThe 2023 “Together We Can” award recipient is Frank Eckles, Executive Director of the Academy for Competent Youth Work and Office Administrator for CYCCB.

This award recognizes an individual within National Safe Place Network’s family of agencies (members, licensed Safe Place agencies, and partners) that exemplifies NSPN’s “Together We Can” philosophy. This award recognizes individuals who go the extra mile to share resources, knowledge, and experiences with others in the field to ensure delivery of quality and consistent services to youth and families in need. This individual demonstrates a commitment to think through and beyond challenges and a willingness to openly share solutions. This individual recognizes the value and power of meaningful partnerships and engages with a true sense of authenticity and ethics. This individual understands that truly meaningful, lasting, and positive change occurs when we address needs together.

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Mary Krause received the ACYCP President’s Award in 2021.